About Me

My name is Alex. I am a homebrewer from Langley, British Columbia, Canada. I am not a professional brewer, not a certified BJCP Judge, nor do I have any formal technical training in brewing science. I do however have a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Electrical Engineering, an obsessive-compulsive nature, and a very deep interest in all things beer, which drives me to want to make the best beer possible when I brew.

I live on a small acreage with my wife and two daughters. I make my living as a Product Development Manager for a large Semiconductor company, where I lead a team of Engineers and develop cutting edge products (chips) that move massive volumes of data around.

Topham Road is the historical name of the area in Langley where the beers are brewed.

I can be found on Twitter: @Artichoke_Acres

and Instagram: @artichoke_acres